Inventory Control

MBW has the ability to track the progress of outbound orders or inbound receipt's providing our client's with current inventory statuses at anytime.

By providing our customers with real time information on inventories, inbound receipts, order status and transportation (Fed-Ex, UPS, LTL, TL) tracking we are able to deliver the quality service our customers need and desire. Communication is the key to reducing order cycle time, to managing inventory-carrying costs and to eliminate obsolete inventory as well as improving customer satisfaction in today's business environment.


specific products

Below is a list of common products stored here at MBW

Roll Stock


Here at MBW we have the equipment and expertise for storing and handling industrial paper products.

Coiled Steel


MBW regularly loads and unloads flatbed trucks of coiled steel. Weights range in between 6000-9000 lbs.



we store HVAC. 

Records Storage


MBW has the space to store and inventory any legal files.

Petroleum Products


We cater to the oil and gas industry.

Refrigerant Gas


We store compressed gas cylinders of all sizes. 

Forestry Products


MBW can load unload and store lumber and plywood either inside or outside. 

Oil and Gas Supplies


In addition to petroleum products we also store supplies related to construction and maintenance for the oil and gas industry.

Commercial Amenities


We handle and store many types of consumer commodities here at MBW.